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Curling irons

March 6, 2015
   Curling irons also know as hair iron is an electric instrument that is used to change the structure and look of the hair using the heat which is produced.

The market if flooded with varieties of curling irons or instruments that are used on hair for straightening, curling or making crimps. The instrument used for straightening the curly hair is called pressing machine or a straightening machine or iron. The crimping irons are used to make desirable crimps as effects on the hair. The typical iron used in these hair iron machine is called Butane.

   Curling irons are also called as curling tongs which are extremely popular among girls of all ages specially youngsters that help them to create curls or waves in the hair and follow the trend without visiting a salon. There are many different types of curling machines that are available of different sizes, diameter, shape of the barrel and type of the handle. Smaller barrels make smaller ringlets and the larger one's add volume to the hairstyle. These curling irons are usually made of teflon, ceramic, metal etc which may have a brush attached to it. These curling irons can be ordered by making a purchase online or any retail store.

   These curling irons are very beneficial in the sense that it saves a lot of time and money in relation to the visits to the salon and their charges for it. Along with these irons you can always use a heat protectant cream that gives the hair shine, volume and protects the hair from the heat produced. They are user friendly and inexpensive. The marcel curling irons are very popular choice among professional hairstylists with ceramic barrels that gives the curls shine and avoids frizz. Also teflon is a good option for selecting the barrel of the curling irons as it distributes the heat evenly and makes the curls soft, bouncy and long lasting.

   These hair ironing machines have inbuilt temperature setting for the different hair types and styles, usually a good curling iron ahs about twenty or more temperature settings that are non harmful for the hair types. The most popular brands nowadays are babyliss, CHI, conair, panasonic etc. Also there are a few things that one should always keep in mind is that one hair strand should not be curled for more than a minute to avoid drying of hair, mousse should not be used, curling cream can be used after shower. While using the cord of the iron, one should be careful of any kind of wire breakage due to tight folding of the wires. The best quality curling irons usually hold the curls for about four days without a shower.

   Curling irons are low weight, easy to use, saves time, one can be with the fashion anytime, also they retain moisture of the hair specially the one's made of ceramic and also minimizes any kind of hair damage due to the heat produced. They are to be handles with care and avoid any touch to the skin for any burns. Frequent and long duration of exposure of hair to any styling machines can be damaging to the hair.

Curling iron